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How To Tell: Single from Three Phase


The biggest question we get when consultation and providing quotations for home-owners is:

“How can I tell if my house is Single Phase or Three phase?”

There are a heap of factors that go into your solar installation and depending on how many phases you have, it will dictate how big of a solar system you are legally allowed to install. Luckily, it’s easy to tell by reading below!

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Meter type
  3. Step 2
    1. Digital meter
    2. Analogue meter
  4. Maximum solar sizes per phase​
  5. Conclusion

Step 1: Meter type

The easiest way in identifying the phases of your property is by looking in your meter box! Locate your meter box and first tell if it is digital or analogue, see ‘Digital or Analogue’ image.

Digital or Anlogue?

digital versus analogue power meter min

Step 2:

Okay so now you know what type of meter you have, we still need todo a little more digging to see if it’s single or three phase. See below

If meter is Digital

If your meter is digital, meaning that it has digital screen and definitely NOT a spinning dial, you can now move onto the next step to analysis how many phases it is. It’s a little tricky, but there are 3 main methods in doing so.


Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 11.13.33 am

Method 1:

You may see an indication of writing on your meter that says ‘1P’ or ‘3P’

Method 2:

You can check the maximum volts written on your meter. If the highest number of volts on your meter is 230v-240v then you are Single Phase. If the highest volts is 400v-415v then you are Three Phase.

Method 3:

How many fuses are attached to your meter box? 1 fuse = Single Phase. 3 fuses = Three Phase.

If meter is Analogue

It’s a lot easier to tell with an analogue meter because it’s physical, you can actually see how many phases with your own eyes.

Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 11.15.19 am

Method 1:

How many spinning meters do you have? 1 spinning dial = Single Phase. 3 spinning dials = Three Phase.

Maximum solar sizes per phase

There are restrictions as to how many panels (total kW size) you are allowed to install depending on your phase.

13kW 1

Single Phase

Single phase properties are very typical and standard in the more suburban houses that are closer to the city.

Maximum: 13.3kW

20kW min SolarPackageThumbnail

Three Phase

These bigger properties are typically more rural and/or commercial properties.

Maximum: 30kW

Take a look at our solar systems

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How many phases you have on your property directly dictates the ultimate and maximum size of your solar system. It is possible to upgrade from a single phase to a three phase but it is expensive and needs Power and Waters approval, we only recommend this for properties who absolutely need the extra power.

If you are unsure about any of these steps, feel free to contact us and book in an in-house consultation where our representative will answer all your questions and take you through all our solar packages. Happy saving!

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