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Our recommended solar inverters for Darwin. The best 3 inverters to maximise your savings and last through the tough Darwin seasons

Best Solar Inverters For Darwin

Your solar inverter is the middle man between your solar energy and how your home uses that energy, so picking the right inverter is crucial for your property. We’ve chosen a range of inverters that perform really well for our Darwin installations

Our hand-picked solar inverters:

  • Alpha ESS
  • SunGrow
  • Fronius
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Alpha ESS

SMILE5 Hybrid Inverter


Our Words:
A very robust and affordable inverter that pairs well with coupled batteries. Good looking design and easy to use interface


SunGrow SH Hybrid Inverter


Our Words:
The most commonly installed inverter for Darwin in 2022, it comes with all the modern features and packs great performance. Very easy and clean to install.


Fronius Primo Inverter


Our Words:
The most rugged and well rounded Inverter on the market, for those who have higher budget and want European designed and made inverters

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