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Darwin solar rebates and grants. We make it easy to get the most out of all grants and solar rebates as possible, keeping your solar system as affordable as possible

Save Huge with Darwin Solar Rebates

The Australian government is offering huge incentives for residential home-owners and commercial business-owners. You can save thousands off your solar system with relevant schemes and grants, and we know all about that!

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What Solar Rebates Are Available To Me?

The Australian government has been ramping up their efforts to incentivise Aussie home and business owners to go green and get solar systems installed. Solar systems used to be expensive resulting in fewer solar systems being installed. With rapid technology advancements and government schemes and programmes, solar has never been cheaper or easier to install. We’ve outlined below the government schemes, federally and locally, to help you better minimise your cost of installation. Read more about available solar rebates below!

  1. Small Technology Credits (STC’s)
  2. NT solar battery grant
  3. First Home Owners Grant
  4. Electric vehicle (EV) charger grant

1. Small Technology Credits (STC's)

You might have heard of carbon taxes and credits – big polluting industries such as oil extracting and mining emit millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere, in order to offset the environmental damage these industries do, they are required to pay a ‘carbon tax’ which are used to reduce the cost of environmentally positive initiatives such as electric vehicles, carbon scrubbers and of course; solar installation. A ‘Small Technology Credit’ is awarded to anyone who installs solar at a rate that scales with the size of the system, for instances; a typical 6.6kW solar system is awarded 91 STC’s at an average price of $38 each: that’s a total of $3,458 (STC calculator here) already off the price of your solar system. Our quotations will give you an exact figure of how many STC’s you are awarded for your solar system, ask us for a quote today!

2. Solar Battery Grant

For NT and Darwin home-owners you are eligible to apply for the ‘Business and Home Battery Scheme’ (NT solar battery grant) which will award you $400 per kilowatt hour of useable battery system capacity, up to a maximum grant of $5,000 (plus GST). So you will want aim for a battery capacity of 12.5kWh for the maximum amount of rebate you’ll be awarded. Our residential solar batteries are purposefully designed to maximise the amount you can realise on this grant, every solar system combo is coupled with a 12.5kWh battery, find out more here

3. First Home Owners Grant

Another grant exclusively for NT and Darwin home-owners (or soon to be) is the ‘First Home Owners’ grant, allowing families $10,000 of renovation assistance for their first home in the NT. This assistance can be put towards many common home-improvements but can also be applied towards your solar system. Make sure you are financially secure with your first home by completely wiping out your Jacana bill with our Darwin-Designed solar systems.
EV electric vehicle charger grant

4. Electric vehicle (EV) charger grant

If you have or are planning on running around Darwin with an electric or hybrid vehicle, you can claim up to $1,000 +gst for your electric vehicle charging unit. That means if you couple this grant with your battery and solar grants, you can use them all together to reduce the total price of your system and run your car free from the power of the sun!

Read more about the grant here.

When does the solar rebate end?

As more families install solar for their home the Northern Territory government has decreased the incentives and rebates for solar installation. We know that at the end of every year for the last 6 years, the NT government has dropped the rebate for solar installation. We don’t have a specific date of when the solar rebates are ending, but we do know you will be paying more the longer you wait! If you take advantage of the rebates today, you can have your solar system paid off within 3-4 years! 

Short Answer: It’s not certain. We do know the government reduce it every year, so the longer you hold out, the less you’ll be able to claim.

How do I claim solar rebates?

All of the government incentives and rebates are included within our quotations, during your free consultation we will walk you through your property’s eligibility on all federal and local rebates. 


Short Answer: We do it for you!

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With all the grants put together you can maximise a $26,100 (estimate based on all grants + 250 STC’s) which is enough to install a complete solar system free of charge, now most families won’t be eligible for 100% of the grants available so the cost to you will vary depending on what size of system you wish to install. The best way to get an accurate and precise quotation is to ask us for one! We factor in all grants and government schemes, including the NT solar battery grant for your solar quotation, so you can see exactly how much you’ll need to pay upfront. Click the button below to order your quotation, or give us a call.
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