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Solar Panel Installers Darwin NT

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The most affordable and energy efficient Darwin solar panel systems, by real Darwin locals. We’ve designed our solar systems to absolutely smash your Jacana bill, take a look.

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Got a few more questions before you’re ready for a quote? Let us help!

How much can I expect to save?

All our solar packages come with their expected quarterly savings, helping you match a solar system against your energy bill. Our packages range from $852 – $3971 per quarter of savings See our solar packages here >

What rebates are included?

As standard we utilise every local and national rebate possible, bringing the price of your solar system as low as possible – meaning a lower payback term. Get in touch with us today for a quote to see what rebates your property is eligible for. Read more about rebates here > 

How much does it cost?

We’ve installed hundreds of residential Darwin Solar Systems, each property is unique and built in their own way. We offer free in-home solar consultations and property inspections to get a better understanding of your energy needs, the solar system is then quoted for on the day, so no waiting around. Get your quote now and we’ll contact you for an inspection!

Can I finance the solar system?

Absolutely! In fact, you can finance the entire thing for $0 deposit. The amount you save on your energy bill will be more than what you have to pay the finance company, so already from day 1 you are making more money than sticking with Jacana. Read more about financing here >

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Darwin Solar Panel Installers

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Getting solar panel for your home has never been easier or more affordable. Stop paying Jacana energy and invest in your energy freedom with Darwin’s biggest solar systems ever! Our packages are designed to reduce your energy bills to $0 per quarter and even put you into solar credit! We include every available solar rebate and grant for your home to maximise the amount you can save.

Top End Solar offer solar services to homeowners a seamless solar installation experience, significantly reducing Jacana energy bills through solar installations. With the relentless Darwin sun, our solar panels and solar batteries provide a sustainable source of energy, ensuring your home is powered efficiently and smashing your Jacana energy bills. We offer substantial savings with the support of solar rebates and grants available in the Northern Territory. Investing in solar power has never been more financially appealing. Let Darwin Solar guide you through the process of cutting down your power bills, turning the sun’s energy into real savings month after month.

Darwin Solar Panel Installations
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Our Darwin solar panel systems are 100% comprehensive and designed to smash high Darwin power bills. Get the most with Darwin Solar Rebates.

Huge Savings

Top Quality

100% Locals

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Best Value

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Our Solar Panel Systems

Don’t know what phase you are? 👉 Read this guide!

- Single Phase -
929 PriceTag
6.6kW solar system package
4.5 SolarPayBackPeriod
Suitable for 1-3 people
1408 PriceTag
10kW solar system package
3.5 SolarPayBackPeriod min
Suitable for 2-4 people
14.1kW solar system package
Suitable for 4-6 people
- Three Phase -
1913 PriceTag
16kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
3.2 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 6-8 people
2465 PriceTag
20kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
2.9 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 7-9 people
3042 PriceTag
26kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
2.6 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 6-12 people
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How much does a Darwin solar panel system cost?

It all depends on the size of the system and the products you choose. The cost of buying a solar panel system in Darwin can cost between $6,000 to $19,000 for a typical family of 4. Every one of our solar systems is designed to pay for itself in 4 years or less

How we price our solar panel systems

We review your typical energy bill and look at what your house is consuming on average, we then design a solar panel system and battery combo to smash your Jacana bills.

Why choose us?

We’ve installed hundreds of Darwin solar panel systems throughout the Northern Territory. We are committed to our products and are here to stay.

Huge Savings

We inspect and modify each solar system for your home, maximising your energy savings. Trust us to smash your bills! Using the best Darwin solar panels.

Designed for Darwin

We only use trusted and tough products to withstand the Darwin weather through each season, year in year out. 10 Year Warranties at a minimum included.

Here to stay

We are run and owned 100% by Darwin locals and are here to stay. We are committed to our installations and promise to be with you, making sure your solar system is running at peak performance.

Happy Darwin Families

Girraween 0836

Top End Solar have totally smashed my bills, I had a lot of trouble getting an installer out at my rural property but they were really easy to deal with quoted me on the day, couldn’t be happier!

Danny G

Zuccoli 0832

Just moved our family into a new home, was nervous about solar and not knowing anything. Have had it installed for the last 7 months now and haven’t received a bill (except for build up, aircons haha!) 10/10!

Sarah T

Anula 0812

Decided to go with Top End Solar earlier this year, the wife and I have been thrilled with the amount of savings. We are even in credit some months!

Lisa Trollip

Bakewell 0832

Had the family over during the easter break, was expecting a large bill at the end but very pleased to I owe next to nothing of what I expected!

Jack P

Moulden 0830

Martin was so patient with us and how slow we can be. We’ve been told for so many years to get solar but put it off and happy to say we are in credit

Joice H

Wagaman 0810

Super service Top End Solar, lovely local people. Running my aircon guilt free now!

Anna R

Our Solar Panel Services

After hundreds of Darwin solar installations, be confident that we will provide you with the best quality services, before and after your solar installation. Go with the best solar panel companies in Darwin

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Free Inspections

Before installation we inspect every property to maximise your solar savings and provide you with an accurate quotation

Solar Financing

We are partnered with several renewable-focused financing companies that can offer the best rates on solar financing. Financing starts at $27 p/week for a 6.6kW

Bill Analysis

Make sure you are getting the right solar panel system for your energy needs. We review your bill and recommend the best matching solar system.

After Install Care

We are committed to making sure your system keeps running year in year out. We provide educational materials and full system walkthroughs, and will always only be a phone call away.

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Learn more about us

More About Top End Solar

Let us answer any of your solar questions, see our top viewed solar pages here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to save?

Depending on the size of system you want, Darwin homeowners can typically expect to save between $1,500 – $1,900 off their bill each quarter. There are huge rebates for solar batteries, so holding onto your energy for when you are home in the evening is even easier and cost effective. Our systems are designed to save:

  • 6.6kW: $3,120 p/year
  • 10kW: $3,950 p/year
  • 13.3kW: $6,295 p/year

Ask our team for different sizes and savings

How much does cloud matter?

Photovoltaic (solar) panels can use direct or indirect sunlight to generate power, although they are most effective in direct sunlight. Solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds, which means they can still produce 10–25% of their typical output on a cloudy day. Obviously, since the capacity of panels are severely affected by the blocking of light due to clouds, this amount is much less than during periods of direct sunlight, but it cannot be considered as nothing.

What size system do i need?

Book a free inspection!


To determine the type and size of a solar system, the following factors are needed to be considered:


  1. Budget
  2. Household electricity consumption behavior


At Top End Solar, we analyze these factors holistically for our valuable customers before deciding the appropriate size and type of systems to be installed. We also present standard interactive proposals to our customers which not only include type and size (capacity) of the system but also covers maximum savings estimation and payback period calculation.

How long do solar installations take?

A typical system (6.6kW-13kW) will require 1 day for installation. Larger systems will typically take longer. However, there are several other stages that needs to be completed before actual installation, starting from customer’s interest until the solar system is up and running. The overall process for this includes Site Assessment, Design Approval, Permitting, Installation, Inspection and Utility Interconnection.

I have a solar system already, can i add batteries?

Installing a solar battery can be a great way to get the most value out of your solar panel system. They are an excellent source of backup power, can make you less reliant on the grid, and in some cases can save you even more money on your electricity bill.


Yes, you can add a battery storage to the existing solar system. The level of difficulty associated with adding a battery depends on whether your solar panel system was designed with the intention of adding energy storage later on.


If you have a “storage ready” solar system, you already have an inverter that can easily integrate a battery into your solar panel system. In this situation, a battery is relatively simple to install, and the installation process won’t require much additional equipment.


If your solar panel system was not originally designed with the ability to add storage later, the installation will be slightly more complicated. In this scenario, you have two options: an “AC coupled” solution (i.e. your battery is installed with a separate inverter that is integrated into your home’s energy system), or replacement of the existing inverter with one that works with your battery.

What feed in tariff do i get?

The feed-in tariff is different for every state in Australia. Considering the NT, the GST inclusive and GST exclusive feed-in tariffs are AU$ 0.0913 and AU$ 0.083 respectively.

Can I upgrade my solar system later?

Yes, solar systems can be upgraded later on. However, the complexity of an upgrade is affected by whether it’s classed as a ‘repair’ or ‘alteration’. Repairs (replacing failed panel/s, inverters, etc.) are generally allowed without (much) additional work while alterations (increasing the size of the system, adding battery storage, moving the system, etc.) require more work to meet the current standards.

How does a solar system work?

A grid-connected PV (solar) system uses solar (PV) modules (or panels) as the power generation source. PV modules convert sunlight into DC power. The power produced is fed into an inverter that changes the DC power output of the PV modules to AC power, compatible with the Australian power grid and majority of appliances. The system allows for any on-site appliances to be powered by the power generated by the PV system or the power drawn from the grid or a combination of the two. Any excess power generated by the PV system is generally exported to the grid to receive benefit in terms of feed-in tariff. In a PV system with battery storage, you can generate your own electricity from the PV system, self-consume it as much as possible, charge the battery, export any surplus energy and finally, use the stored energy during the night to maximize the benefits.

Does a solar system require maintenance?

A grid-connected PV (solar) system that has been appropriately installed and commissioned should operate over its life with minimal intervention: this is one of the main advantages of solar systems over other forms of power generation. However, PV systems do need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are operating – and will continue to operate – efficiently, to check for any problems and to maximize the life of the system. On the other hand, although the solar system that has been well designed and installed should provide fault-free operation for many years, it will occasionally require troubleshooting to determine the source of problem if there happens to be one.

What happens during a blackout?

A power blackout (also called a power cut, a power out, a power outage, power failure or simply a blackout) is the loss of the electrical power network supply to an end user. Essentially, a blackout is a problem for home owners. Putting into simple words, during a blackout, you are devoid of any power from the grid into your house. A PV (system) with battery storage is a perfect solution for residential homes as well as commercial buildings that experience regular (or frequent) blackouts as this system will disconnect from the grid as soon as the grid failure happens and immediately supply power to the specified appliances to prevent any loss due to the grid failure.

Top End Solar is Darwin’s leading residential solar specialist and installer.

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