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Looking to get solar installed onto your home?

There really isn’t any reason to keep holding off on your family’s solar system. Electricity costs are soaring and generating power from the sun has never been more efficient and cost-effective. Take a look at some of our solutions for solar installation in Darwin. We offer a large range of products to meet any home’s power demands.


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How does a solar system work?

Watch our explainer video, walking you through each component and how they work together to power your home, store energy in batteries and export excess power to the grid.

Residential Solar Installation Timeline

Are you interested in getting a solar system installed for your property? We’ve outlined what is involved and how quickly you can start saving HUGE on your Jacana bill!

Property Inspection

Every solar installation is different and can be affected from a multitude of factors in and around your home. Our sales team have been trained to identify any issues or advantages your property can enjoy with our solar packages. 


On the day of your inspection, you will be taken through all of our solar packages and educated on how to make the most out of your system before installation. We will provide you will an accurate quote and identify all the solar rebates and schemes your property is eligible for.

Quotation and Applications

Once your quotation has been accepted we file all legal and necessary paperwork on your behalf, making the whole process hassle and stress free. We file for your Power and Water PV application and your solar building permit. This period may be used to file for your rebates and Northern Territory solar schemes, such as the battery rebate.

Solar Installation

You're all set to go! Our installations typically only take 1-2 days depending on the size of the system. During the installation process, we will minimise the impact we have on your family or tenants. Our kind and conscientious installation crew will work around your family and their needs.

Top End Solar is Darwin’s leading residential solar specialist and installer.

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