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Like many things in Darwin, we have our own way of doing things up here, and solar is no different. In order to compete with the blistering red sun and harsh weather of the wet seasons, each solar system needs to be built tough enough to last the years to come, making sure your family can depend on energy savings and backup/blackout power.

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All Inclusive Darwin Solar Systems

All of our solar systems are designed with Darwin residents in mind. Everything’s included to keep your electricity bills low and your system dependable.


Don’t break the bank installing solar. We are Darwin’s most affordable solar installers

Huge Savings

Save between $780 – $1,600 per quarter, every quarter!

10 Year Warranty

Be stressfree with a 10 year warranty on your solar products

Expert Installers

Our installers have installed hundreds of Darwin Solar systems

How does a solar system work?

Watch our explainer video, walking you through each component and how they work together to power your home, store energy in batteries and export excess power to the grid.

Designed for Darwin Homes

Our Solar Systems

- Single Phase -
929 PriceTag
6.6kW solar system package
4.5 SolarPayBackPeriod
Suitable for 1-3 people
1408 PriceTag
10kW solar system package
3.5 SolarPayBackPeriod min
Suitable for 2-4 people
14.1kW solar system package
Suitable for 4-6 people
- Three Phase -
1913 PriceTag
16kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
3.2 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 6-8 people
2465 PriceTag
20kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
2.9 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 7-9 people
3042 PriceTag
26kW min SolarPackageThumbnail
2.6 SolarPayBackPeriod 3P
Suitable for 6-12 people
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Top End Solar is Darwin’s leading residential solar specialist and installer.

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