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Want to know more about solar installation in Darwin, NT? We walk you through all the things you need to consider when looking to purchase a solar system and the frequently asked questions when thinking about the costs and savings when it comes to installing the solar

Table of contents:

  1. How much does  solar installation cost?
  2. Energy Costs with and without Solar
  3. Why is installing in Darwin, NT more expensive than other states?
  4. What size system do I need?
  5. How much do solar panels cost in Darwin?
  6. Is Solar worth it in Darwin?
  7. Conclusion

How does a solar system work?

Watch our explainer video, walking you through each component and how they work together to power your home, store energy in batteries and export excess power to the grid.

How much does solar installation cost?

Solar installation costs in Darwin can vary drastically from house to house, which means it’s very hard for solar installers to give an estimate without a property inspection. Some houses have concrete roofs, some have tiled roofs – all of this factor dramatically into the cost of the solar installation itself. The easiest and cheapest installation is simple colourbond or metal and tin roofs as the fittings can screw right through into the properties purlins.
We encourage everyone to book in a property inspection with out team even if you don’t think solar would work as there are many techniques and ways around tricker roofs. During the inspection our sales rep will take you through all of our package options and inspection your roof and property to give you an accurate quote. You can book an inspection by leaving us your details here

Energy Costs with and without Solar

The chart here represents your new solar system bought with finance, as you can see the amount you save increases every year you go without paying money to Jacana, and remember, you won’t be paying off your solar system forever, it normally takes about 3-4 years to make enough energy with your solar system, that it pays for itself with money saved. 

Why is installing in Darwin, NT more expensive than other states?

The short answer is: cyclones. Darwin is one of the few cities in Australia that suffer from extreme cyclones and harsh seasonal weather. Because of that every solar system has to be installed with extra tough and secure fittings and equipment, these materials cost more to purchase and the installation time to install the solar system takes longer as we have to secure twice as many fittings (usually) on houses.

The last thing you want is for a storm to hit and your solar panels to go flying off, so we take our installations very seriously and install as per all the local regulations and best practices. Don’t be put off by this seemingly negative side effect of Darwin living, solar still saves you thousands

What size system do I need?

It all depends on your electricity bill, a good rule of thumb is to look at your past 3-5 power bills and calculate the average amount you spend, we can then recommend a solar system that fits right for your property.

It is also worth up sizing your solar system to give you bit of buffer room to use more electricity, run the aircons a bit more or when you have more people staying with you. We wrote more about how to calculate what size system you need here

How much do solar panels cost in Darwin?

Thanks to the federal rebate and green energy initiates solar panels have never been cheaper. The Australian government pitches in about 90% of the cost of the panels for your property, meaning all thats left is the bill for your inverter, batteries and the installation itself. Keep in mind the rebate has been steadily dropping each year as more families and properties switch to solar energy, the incentive won’t last forever so its best to get in as soon as possible while its never been cheaper! You can read more about our solar rebates here

Is Solar worth it in Darwin?

Absolutely! We’ve installed close to 800 solar systems so far, and its never boring to see families bills go from $1,300 p/qtr down to $114 p/qtr, we think its a no brainer! The great thing is, you can monitor how much energy your solar system is producing every day, and if its not producing what we promised we’ll come back and make sure it is! The sun rising each morning is something you can count on, so it’s a safe bet to invest in a solar system when you are already receiving high energy bills. You can read our solar reviews here, and see for yourself our happy customers and their saving stories! 


With the ever rising cost of electricity it makes sense to take control of your future and ensure your property is kept powered independent on the grid and the increasing prices. We have a core set of solar packages designed for Darwin families that will absolutely smash your jacana bill, leaving you peace of mind for the future and an investment that will pay you back within 3-4 years. Feel free to contact us or click the button below for a quotation 🙂

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