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How much can I save with Solar?


Have you got high energy bills? Wondering how much you can possibly save on your electricity with a brand new solar system? We break down how much you can roughly save when you install solar at your property in Darwin, Australia.


The cost of solar has dropped significantly in recent years, making it a very attractive option for households wanting to save on their energy bills. Incentives from the federal and local government have also made solar more affordable, with solar rebates and solar feed-in tariffs providing additional savings.


So, how much can you save with solar? Let’s break it down.

Table of contents:

  1. Get an idea of how much energy your house uses
  2. What size solar system should you get installed?
    1.  Lifestyle changes
    2.  Store your excess energy for use throughout the night
    3. Sell your excess solar energy
  3. An example household and their savings
  4. Conclusion

Get an idea of how much energy your house uses

A typical 4-person family in Darwin consumes on average 50-80kWh of energy per day, even more depending on how many airconditioners you have and how long they run (you’ll see after reading this how our systems can smash your bill, even with the aircons blasting!). If you want to get specifics, which might be a good idea for your house, you’ll have to refer to your own Jacana bill, looking at a quarter and divide that by 90 (90 days in a quarter) that’s how much energy in kWh’s (kilowatt hours) your property uses. Make sure to check more than just 1 bill to get a better idea of an average. 

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What size solar system should you get installed?

For examples sakes, lets say your energy bill is 60kWh per day that means you’ll want to get a solar system installed that produces 70kWh or more power per day, the reason for the excess sizing is for 3 reasons:


Lifestyle changes

you’ll need to consider how your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle may change over the next 10 years, are you planning on having more children? Building an extension or second dwelling? More people staying or living with you? It’s better to think about these factors now than getting a solar system installed that’ll need to be upgraded later on.


Upgrades are possible so no need to completely worry about the future, see here for more.


Store your excess energy for use throughout the night

Using your solar power isn’t just a matter of switching on the washing machine when the sun is shining.


You can also use solar batteries to store the energy your solar system creates during the day, so you have power even when it’s dark. This means you could be using solar power 24 hours a day, not just during daylight. You can read more about solar batteries here.


Sell your excess solar energy

This is the last priority of your solar system, if all your energy needs are met throughout your home your inverter will intelligently start sending the power away from your property where it isn’t needed and will start selling it to the grid.


The feed-in tariff isn’t what it used to be, but it’s a great 3rd use of your power (first being your home, second being battery storage)! Our customers can cash out their solar credits from Jacana making them real money!

Considering these 3 factors you’ll now be in a better position to decide what solar system is right for you, and of course what size system you want installed. Now let’s look at our solar packages

An example household and their savings

Your House

Demands on average 70kWh per day of electricity. Given each kWh is of a standard $0.26 from Jacana

Your Solar System

We would recommend you install a 13.3kWh solar system which will produce 73.15kWh per day. That's based on 13.3kW multiplied by standard sunlight ours in a day (5.5 hours).

$1,711.71 Savings per Qtr

13.3 multiplied by 5.5 = 73kWh (per day). 73kWh in real dollars is $19.01 (per day). That means over 90 days in a quarter you are saving $1,711.71 off your Jacana bill.


Solar is becoming more and more popular every day, and for good reason. With high energy costs and generous government rebates, there really isn’t any reason to hold off getting solar installed. If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, now is the time. Talk to us about getting solar installed at your property – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on the process.

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